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My Referral Codes

You've probably been linked here from some content I've created. This page lets you support me in various ways by signing up for these services and in the process earning me some referral rewards (in most cases there's a reward for you as well
): is a cryptocurrency exchange. Referral link is here: for the app or for the exchange. If you need to enter it manually for the Exchange component, it's mfjerve3tx


Deliveroo is a food delivery service. Referral link is:​

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a cloud provider service for you to host your applications. Referral link is here:​


Ledger is a hardware wallet (for cryptocurrencies) maker. Referral link is here:​


StashAway is a robo-advisor where you can get exposed to investing in the stock markets via the ERAA framework. Referral link is here:​