😍My Referral Codes


Crypto.com is a cryptocurrency exchange. Referral link is here: https://crypto.com/app/mfjerve3tx for the app or https://crypto.com/exchange/mfjerve3tx for the exchange. If you need to enter it manually for the Exchange component, it's mfjerve3tx


Deliveroo is a food delivery service. Referral link is: https://roo.it/jay-ehqd

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a cloud provider service for you to host your applications. Referral link is here: https://m.do.co/c/c3b62cf39c7c


Ledger is a hardware wallet (for cryptocurrencies) maker. Referral link is here: https://ledger.refr.cc/ledger186


StashAway is a robo-advisor where you can get exposed to investing in the stock markets via the ERAA framework. Referral link is here: https://www.stashaway.sg/referrals/gohjar69

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