Life highlights reel

For the occassions I was conscious enough to take a picture for the road
circa 2022 - got into crypto and managed to get lucky being an early adopter in the Mad Meerkat ecosystem
circa 2022 - graduated from StashAway after almost two years, head of HR and head of IT were both down with COVID so here I am after dropping off my laptop
circa 2021 - graduated from Newfield's ontological coaching programme, a truly emergent 9 month journey
circa 2020 - joined StashAway: one of our only outings because of COIVID
circa 2020 - virtual farewell from MCF team
checkout the virtual farewell gift at https://bymcf.joeir.net
circa 2019 - had lunch with Kent Beck, told myself I Kent Beck down from that offer
circa 2019 - finishing the organisation development programme that led me further down the rabbit hole of coaching
circa 2019 - attended KubeCon 2019 and met many famous people
circa 2018 - finishing the programme that started me down the rabbit hole of coaching through facilitating powerful conversations
circa 2018 - at one of MyCareersFuture's launch events
circa 2018 - showed the Prime Minister of Singapore what CI/CD was all about
(related to above picture, got featured by the official VSCode Twitter account @code)
circa 2017 - the MyCareersFuture seed team at Google Singapore for a conversation to explore a collaboration
circa 2016 - visited Googleplex and the famous dinosaur
circa 2016 - Just after the last gig that my startup would host + I would attend
circa 2014 - hustling for my first startup, Mooziq, a platform for local musicians to gain additional sources of revenue