🚀Missions Till Date

Missions I've taken up till date


watchTowr is a cybersecurity startup providing Continuous Automated Surface Testing (CAST). I joined the team as a founding member in April 2022, helping to grow the team and bring the product from its POC into adulthood.

Check it out: https://www.watchtowr.com/

Role: DevOps engineer

  • All in due time my friend


Asia Wealth Platform - or StashAway - is a FinTech company that provides a robo-advisor product, StashAway, as the primary offering. I was on the team from 2020-2022, assisting with the tech and organisational scaling from two to five regions. I also led the Communications Guild to define and standardise inter-service communication best-practices and was part of the architecture team that implemented organisation-wide codebase changes to support delivery agility as the organisation scaled. Also provided organisational coaching for the client experience team.

Check it out: https://www.stashaway.sg/

Role: Platform architect

  • Handled administration of multiple Kubernetes clusters, assisting in scaling the infrastructure from two to five regions

  • Led the initiative to create a runbook that reduced manual toil on the Platforms tribe by more than 50%

  • Led the evaluation of adopting a feature toggle service that enabled software engineers to deliver code in a safer manner

  • Delivered multiple educational sessions on containerisation technologies to improve awareness about writing code for Cloud-Native environments

  • Technical stack

    • Software development: Node.js, Python, Golang

    • Platforms: AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Grafana, Prometheus, EFK stack, DataDog


Government Technology Agency - or GovTech - is a Government agency responsible for facilitating digital transformation across the Government of Singapore. I was on the team from 2016-2020, beginning as a software engineer and moving onto a DevOps engineer. I was part of the seed team in the MyCareersFuture product that brought the product from zero to one, and I also led the DevOps chapter at various levels of the organisation, contributing to the formation of the organisational DevOps competency framework.


Check it out: https://www.mycareersfuture.gov.sg/

Role: DevOps engineer (urgh)

  • Involved with the product from its conceptualisation to Day 2 at multiple stages including design research, development, launch, and finally operations.

  • Grew the engineering team from two people to about 25, involved in both hiring of new engineers and mentoring junior ones. Also contributed to the culture through tech sharings and being involved in Agile ceremonies.

  • Mentored and guided two student groups collaborating with GovTech to create POCs of services that would be useful for integration with the MCF product

  • Set up and maintained the production clusters, observability stack, and CI/CD pipelines

  • Contributed to feature delivery in the early stages of the product

  • Technical stack

    • Software development: React.js, Node.js, Golang, MySQL, CouchDB

    • Platforms: AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Grafana, Prometheus, EFK stack

Busines Grants Portal

Check it out: https://www.businessgrants.gov.sg/

Role: Software engineer

  • Software engineering duties such as writing code while maintaining test coverage. The usual stuff y'know

  • Technical stack

    • Software development: React.js, Ruby-on-Rails, Appian

    • Platforms: AWS


Mooziq - Mooziq Pte Ltd - is a platform for local musicians to build communities and publish/sell their music. We eventually pivoted to providing live-music services for restaurants and bars.

Role: Co-founder, the tech one aka CTO

  • Project started in 2014, registered my first-ever company in 2015, left in 2016 due to over-pivotting until there was very little interesting tech remaining

  • Basically did everything from IT setup to infrastructure to platforms to software development

  • Technical skills

    • Software development: Angular, Node.js

    • Platforms: DigitalOcean, Zoho


NUS Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) labs does research on how people interact with and respond to various types of computer interfaces. I was involved from 2015-2016 in a project doing research on how opinions were formed and communicated online based on how information was presented to people.

Online Deliberation

Role: Lead developer

  • Handled the creation and maintenance of a Vanilla Forums instance for research purposes.

  • Developed plugins in JavaScript that enabled multivariate experiments to be conducted based on frontend elements

  • Technical stack

    • Software development: Angular.js, Vis.js, PHP

    • Platforms: DigitalOcean

Lefty Group

Lefty Group is an IT management company that serves as a middleman between software development houses in the region and clients in Singapore. I was here in 2014-2015.

Role: Developer

  • Handled technical interfacing with an outsourced company to revamp a local company's web portal. This involved a database migration from MaxDB to MySQL and a Tomcat/JSP-based server upgrade.

  • Technical stack

    • Software development: Java

    • Platforms: Multiple local shared hosting providers in Singapore

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