Joseph Matthias Goh

Coaching Conversations

Coaching as a form of conversation is one that we enter into as two equal human beings with the objective of exploring and gaining clarity into any aspect of the coachee's life.
As a coach, I specialise in helping engineers and other roles in tech gain clarity around their goals and issues faced at work. This can result in increased life satisfaction, increased sense of fulfilment at work, and possibly career growth.
You can reach me at @zephinzer on Telegram or via email at hello-AT-joeir-DOT-net for a free introductory conversation.
Rates begin at $50/hr for the coaching itself which will be hour-long conversations with 2-3 weeks in between conversations. Rates are definitely negotiable depending on your financial situation (a reasonable estimate would be around 0.5 to 1% of your monthly remuneration for each session).
Here are some FAQs you might have if you've never had a coaching conversation before:
What is coaching?
Why would I want coaching?
Who is coaching for?
What topics can I talk about?
How will these coaching conversations go?
Where will these conversations be conducted?