🚌Coaching Conversations

Coaching as a form of conversation is one that we enter into as two equal human beings with the objective of exploring and gaining clarity into any aspect of the coachee's life.

As a coach, I specialise in helping engineers and other roles in tech gain clarity around their goals and issues faced at work. This can result in increased life satisfaction, increased sense of fulfilment at work, and possibly career growth.

You can reach me at @zephinzer on Telegram or via email at hello-AT-joeir-DOT-net for a free introductory conversation.

Rates begin at $50/hr for the coaching itself which will be hour-long conversations with 2-3 weeks in between conversations. Rates are definitely negotiable depending on your financial situation (a reasonable estimate would be around 0.5 to 1% of your monthly remuneration for each session).

Here are some FAQs you might have if you've never had a coaching conversation before:

What is coaching?

Sometimes it's easier to start with what something is not, and this is one of those times. Here are some other forms of conversations which could be confused for coaching:

  1. Training - As a coach, I do not teach you any technical skills

  2. Consulting - As a coach, I do not tell you what is wrong or what you should be doing

  3. Managing - As a coach, I do not tell you how to prioritise your work

  4. Directing - As a coach, I do not provide you with a direction or goal

  5. Mentoring - As a coach, I do not guide you with my own experiences

  6. Counselling - As a coach, I do not help you to process past events or facilitate healing

As a coach, what I will help you with is to gain new insights and bring clarity to issues you are currently facing. The direction you want to take and how you would like to get there will be entirely decided by you.

Why would I want coaching?

To quote Albert Einstein,

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them"

Coaching as a form of conversation that helps a coachee to gain clarity and insights into topics brought to the conversation. This comes about through simultaneously supporting you and challenging your beliefs.

In an ideal coaching conversation, this will lead to you seeing an issue in a new way, enabling you to make different choices to do different things which can bring you closer to what you want to achieve.

Who is coaching for?

There's definitely a lot of hype around personal transformation/leadership coaching but coaching doesn't have to be just for "leaders".

At the risk of overplaying the cliche, everyone is a leader of their own lives.

How you see the world, the choices you make, and what you eventually do will affect the outcome you achieve whether the choice is to do something or to not do something.

As long as you are someone with an outcome in mind, I am confident that coaching will benefit you in some way.

What topics can I talk about?

Anything you want. No, seriously, anything. Some topics which show up fairly often include:

  1. Career growth

  2. Personal development

  3. Romantic relationships

  4. Family and friends

  5. Financial health

  6. Physical health

  7. Spiritual health

To maximise the effects of coaching, the topic you bring should ideally be about something that is relevant at that point in time and involves an outcome you want but are stuck/not sure if you can reach it.

How will these coaching conversations go?

In general our first conversation will be introductory in nature and will be for us to introduce ourselves as humans, talk about what you would like to achieve from coaching, and clear up any questions you may have about coaching. This conversation also lets us both evaluate if a coaching relationship is possible between us.

If you and I are agreeable to continue, we will start on a series of 6 conversations, each lasting for an hour, spread out across 2 months. These 6 conversations will be focused on an outcome you want to achieve but you will always have the option to explore outside of that outcome should you wish for that.

Where will these conversations be conducted?

For now until we are all safe from COVID-19, all conversations will be done over Zoom because I stay with elderly and the risk is high for me.

As an added benefit, doing these calls virtually allows us to record all our conversations and you can reflect on them in your own time after the conversation is over.

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