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Hey you! Thanks for dropping by on my personal page.
People usually call me Joseph (they/them) and my life's mission revolves around improving the world using code and more recently, helping people with growth through coaching conversations. Outside of life's missions, I am a dabbler in Chinese martial arts (咏春), a bedroom musician, and an NFT collector.

Where do you want to go today?

I'm interested in a coaching conversation
Coaching as a form of conversation is one that we enter into as two equal human beings with the objective of exploring and gaining clarity into any aspect of the coachee's life.
As a coach, I specialise in helping engineers and other roles in tech gain clarity around their goals and issues faced at work. This can result in increased life satisfaction, increased sense of fulfilment at work, and possibly career growth.
More details can be found on this page dedicated to coaching.
I'm interested in working with you
If you're here to rope me in for an adventure, the TL;DR of my career thus far should be useful. If you've successfully roped me in for an adventure, my README.md on my work ethics should be useful. If you're on the fence, here's this beautiful page of testimonials by a previous team that was created as a farewell gift.
As of 2022, I come with roughly seven years of conventional professional experience in startup and enterprise environments - nine if you count in freelance and personal missions - and I've been writing code since I was about ten.
I specialise in infrastructure and platforms (system administration basically, better known as "DevOps" these days lol) but I also know enough to deliver features on majority of modern frontend and backend systems.
The space I work best in is helping products go from zero to two (bootstrap + scaling) although I can also function well in enterprises.
Academically, I'm interested in software modifiability and understanding how organisational structures, technology choices, and business forces tie in to make or break products.
I've also taken a somewhat recent interest in debugging people through ontological coaching and I'm a trained coach working towards getting certified.
Either way, you can reach me at @zephinzer on Telegram or via email at hello-AT-joeir-DOT-net. Or if you're here to stalk me...
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    GitHub (code dump)
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    GitLab (slightly more focused projects - also because micro$oft)
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    Medium (my writings)
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    Dev.to (writings that weren't formal enough for Medium)
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    LinkedIn (professional yadayadas)
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    StackOverflow (didn't do much but my reputation just grows so...)
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