Hi I'm Joseph Matthias Goh (he/him). I enjoy a wide variety of things in life, start more journeys than I can finish, and love taking things apart without caring about how to put them back together.

A picture of me in a white t-shirt with denim outerwear on a colourful backdrop.

About Me

👋🏼 Anon

I'm a male-identifying human of Asian ethnicity in my thirties based in Singapore. I generally enjoy three things in life: hypothetical discussions, solving problems, and making things.

I contribute to capitalist society by being a software craftsman trained in the Platform Engineering discipline with skills in the dark arts of cloud infrastructure. I also help coach individuals and grow the DevOps culture in software development teams (if you think about it, it's like debugging humans instead of code).

Me at KubeCon 2019 in Barcelona standing behind a giant white Kubernetes wheel!

Outside of conventional life missions, I enjoy crafting software late into the night, wandering aimlessly around big cities, and I find it hard to say no to a good cup of flat white.

I also enjoy casual street photography, playing the guitar, and more recently, bouldering.

Ded. Lying flat on the gym mat at a Boulder Movement gym

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Watch me fall @boulder.joernal on Instagram.

Read my musings @joeir on Substack.

Stalk my code @zephinzer on GitHub.

Highlight of my time at GovTech was being selected to demonstrate what Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) was all about to the then-Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lee Hsien Loong.

My Professional Skills

I'm a Platform Engineering specialist with in-depth knowledge and experience operating cloud/app infrastructure on Kubernetes and AWS. Over the years, I've also studied and learnt the dark arts of managing and growing people and am confident in helping individuals and teams grow.I personally enjoy geeking out on software architecture and writing code and am reasonably skilled in Golang, JavaScript, and good ol' Shell.I'm also a trained coach and I apply my skills mainly in an Organisation Development (OD) context to both coach + grow individuals, and nurture a DevOps culture in software development teams.

My Professional Journey

Founding members of the watchTowr team when our office was still just a small room.

Head of Platform Engineering @ watchTowr

I joined watchTowr in early 2022 as part of the founding engineering team. My mission here was to help secure some of the world's most targetted enterprises.In this role, I led the setup of the organisation's cloud and application infrastructure and it's expansion to multiple regions, and I also helped out in growing both the team and organisation regionally.

The Platform Engineering team of StashAway at a rare team dinner (it was during the height of the COVID pandemic).

Platform Architect @ StashAway

I joined StashAway in early 2020 with the objective of being part of an international team and to learn more about how robot investing work.At StashAway, I helped out with the infrastructure expansion to five regulatory regions and represented the Platform Engineering team as its architect, coordinating technical migrations at the organisation level.

The MyCareersFuture team while all the OG members were still around.

DevOps Engineer @ GovTech

I joined GovTech's Government Digital Services (GDS) department in 2016 to help improve how the Singapore government does tech.In this role, my main contribution helped local jobseekers sleep more soundly at night through the delivery of the MyCareersFuture platform. I was also involved on a consultant level in other projects to help drive digital transformation within the government and was co-lead of the DevOps chapter at GDS.

After a successful gig where we unveiled a new feature allowing people to give tips to a band via an online transaction! This is the Mooziq team and the band we set up the show for at the now-gone Hood Bar at what is now known as Bugis+.

CTO/Co-Founder @ Mooziq

In 2014, I was heavily involved in the music scene and together with two friends, set up an organisation with a mission of helping local musicians gain new sources of revenue.Well y'know what they say about what co-founders in super small companies do: underpaid over-contributing individual contributor work. Handled almost everything that needs doing in an organisation including financials, legal stuff, sales pitches, without even coming to writing the web application.

Wanna work with me?

I'm always keen to apply my skills in startups and/or medium-sized enterprise teams. I get my kick from Day -1 to Day 1 development and operations, and I have a deeply rooted aversion to red tape, give me autonomy and I'll grant you my skills :DAn (outdated) resume can be found at this link if you need it. Ping me if you need it updated.Also, an overview of my work beliefs can be found at this link.

Lastly, here's my LinkedIn (which really has nothing much)

The Platform Engineering team of StashAway at a rare team dinner (it was during the height of the COVID pandemic).

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